ARTICLE 3GG - White men´s shirt with black illustration - GERMENS

The draft was painted by Danny Scholz. An high talented and versatile artist who is supervised at ?Atelier Blau? in Worms. An establishment for life support leaded by Horst Rettich and his wife. Here, every day people have the chance to visualize their artistically thoughts.

The shirt is named ?Artikel 3GG? - it refers to the german constitution and says:
1. Each human being is equal before the law.
2. Men and woman are equal. The state promotes the effective implementation of equal rights for women and men and works to eliminate existing disadvantages.
3. No one shall be discriminated against or favored on account of his sex, his descent, his race, his language, his homeland and his origin, his faith, his religious or political views. Nobody may be disadvantaged because of his disability.

The painted figures are convoluted with each other to build a beautiful pattern. We thought that this shirt should be a statement and a law for every human being. Therefore, the 282 national flags of all countries in the world are printed on the inner yoke and the inner cuffs.


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Washing Germens shirts

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