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Discover with us an exquisite selection of more than 400 first-class long-sleeved shirts of the GERMENS® brand! Be inspired by the variety and creativity and find the perfect shirt, designed by talented artists from all over the world. Here you can expect incomparable quality and unique design. Browse through our range now and discover your new favourite shirt!

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Unique Men's Shirts by GERMENS: Style, Individuality, and Quality

GERMENS shirts for men are more than just garments; they are a statement of individuality and an extravagant lifestyle. Each shirt reflects a world full of colors and exceptional designs. With a range of long-sleeve and short-sleeve options, four collections, and prices ranging from 148 to 498 euros, these shirts for men offer a variety that is unmatched in the fashion world. The limited editions vary, but one thing remains constant: GERMENS shirts are the center of attention at any event, be it a family celebration, a party, or a day at the Office.

The Art Behind GERMENS Shirts ART-Collection: Painters A-Z and Their Masterpieces

Each shirt from the ART-Collection is a work of art, designed by painters from around the world. These artists create on paper templates that precisely match the 21 parts of a shirt. These artworks are then printed on fabric, hand-cut, and sewn into a shirt. Limited to 99 pieces worldwide, each shirt is delivered with a handwritten certificate. The participating artists receive an annual royalty, underscoring the exclusivity and appreciation of their work.


Creative Ideas: The CRE-Collection by GERMENS

Similar to the ART-Collection, the CRE-Collection offers men's shirts with designs created directly by GERMENS. Inspired by themes like music, vacation, or sports, these shirts feature unique, ornamental, or abstract patterns. Here too, each shirt is limited to 99 pieces, offering an exclusive selection for fashion-conscious individuals.


Business Shirts for Everyday Wear: The RAP-Collection

For daily wear, the RAP-Collection from GERMENS offers men's shirts with uniform patterns and a more subtle look. These shirts, designed with unique patterns available only at GERMENS, are the perfect choice for the office or more formal occasions.


Guaranteed Uniqueness: The ONE-Collection

The ONE-Collection offers the ultimate level of individuality: Each shirt is made only once. The customer receives a personalized shirt with their name printed on it. A certificate confirms the uniqueness of this special Piece.


High-Quality Materials and Their Advantages in GERMENS Men's Shirts

GERMENS men's shirts are made of 100% cotton, produced in a traditional textile printing company in Saxony with over 120 years of experience. These fabrics are not only colorfast and easy to care for but also symbolize sustainability and modern working conditions.


Fit and Sizes: Perfect Men's Shirts for Every Body Type

GERMENS offers men's shirts in ten sizes, from XS to 6XL. The designs are individually adapted for each size, ensuring that the shirt always fits perfectly. The fit is regular, with smaller sizes for slim men and larger sizes for those who need a bit more room.


Comfortable Trial Service for Perfectly Fitting Men's Shirts

GERMENS offers a trial service where customers can receive three sizes to choose the perfect fit. Additional adjustments like sleeve shortening or waist modifications can also be made. Almost all designs are also available as short-sleeve shirts.


Manufacturing and Delivery: Quality Takes Time

In-stock men's shirts are delivered quickly, while specially made shirts can take 8-10 weeks. This waiting period, however, guarantees an unparalleled variety of designs and the highest Quality.


Worldwide Shipping and Customer-Friendly Payment Options

GERMENS delivers men's shirts worldwide. Shipping is free within Germany, while international shipments incur shipping fees. Customers can rest assured: even with custom-made orders, a return is possible as long as no specific alterations have been made.


Visit Our Fashion Store or Choose Your New Favorite Shirt Online

Finally, we invite you to visit our fashion store in Chemnitz or choose your new favorite men's shirt online. Experience the variety and quality of GERMENS shirts for yourself!


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Try on 3 shirt sizes before buying online and find your perfect size.

Discover the diverse range of shirts from GERMENS and find your perfect fit - without the risk of ordering the wrong one. Our collections are only produced after your individual order, which allows us to offer a wide variety of sizes from XS to 6XL and a huge range of designs.

However, as we cannot stock all sizes, we would like to introduce you to our exclusive Try on service for home. Simply select your usual size for blouses, short or long sleeved shirts and get an additional size below and one above to determine the best fit. The design of the garments doesn't matter - it's all about the fit. If you want individual alterations , such as shortening the sleeves, you can simply mark them with pins. This way, you get a custom-made blouse or shirt that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Order today and experience the comfort of GERMENS.

Things to know about delivery times

We offer an incredible variety of shirt designs - currently there are about 450 different models. As we make almost every order individually, it may take some time for your shirt to arrive. The current waiting time is about 8 to 12 weeks, possibly a few days longer. But it is worth it! Because we make sure that every single fabric meets the highest quality standards and that the finishing of every shirt is lovingly and meticulously done by hand. If you like, you can find out more about the production here.

We work with a monthly order and production planning to provide you with perfect quality. The production of the cotton fabric and the subsequent high-finishing take about 6 weeks. This is followed by the manual tailoring of each shirt, which takes about the same amount of time. This way we can ensure that every detail is right and that every shirt fits perfectly.

Under immediately available products you will find a selection of shirts that we already have in stock and can ship immediately. Here you may find your new favourite shirt that you can proudly show off in just a few days.

We ship our shirts from Chemnitz within Germany with DHL free of charge. Worldwide deliveries are made with UPS.

We are proud to offer you a unique selection of high-quality shirts and look forward to delivering your new favourite piece!
GERMENS Fitting Service - Try on 3 sizes in the comfort of your own home before buying online.


Try 3 sizes in the comfort of your own home before buying online

GERMENS Long Sleeve Shirts Category RAP Collection


Long-sleeved shirts
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GERMENS Long Sleeve Shirts Category CRE Collection


Long-sleeved shirts
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GERMENS Long Sleeve Shirts Category ART Collection


Long-sleeved shirts
Artist designs
99 limited with certificate
248 €

GERMENS Long Sleeve Shirts Category ONE Collection


Long-sleeved shirts
Unique pieces
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from 498 €

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