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Extravagant Shirts, T-shirts, Pants for Men by GERMENS

Our fashion is as special as life itself. It does not follow any standards or fixed guidelines - our production, however, already. The hand-drawn designs are implemented by means of the latest technologies in a very complex production process by companies from all over Europe. The use of specially made jacquard fabrics made of Egyptian, long-staple cotton gives the shirts and T-shirts a special surface finish and very comfortable wearing properties. A careful selection of first-class materials, the highest standards of workmanship and a perfect fit is the speciality and uniqueness in producing the unmistakable design of the GERMENS men's fashion products.

Your style influences who you are and how you are perceived. Let your passion for fashion go wild and discover unique shirts, t-shirts, trousers and scarves for men, which perfectly show off your sovereign elegance and your love for life. You can order the GERMENS fashion products for men here in the Onlineshop comfortably or try it in the stylish ambience in our new large GERMENS Store & Lounge.

Exceptional men's fashion - casual shirts, t-shirts, trousers

The fashion conscious man who attaches importance to an individual and self-confident style and sees fashion as an expression of his personality finds exceptional fashion for men at GERMENS artfashion by gregor & rené. The extravagant motifs and the unusual colors of the casual shirts, shirts, trousers and scarves testify to the fact that our individual pieces are specially designed and made by renowned artists and designers. Let yourself be exhilarated by high-quality fabrics, the power of colors and wonderful motifs to discover unique collections at GERMENS that combine unmistakable art, creativity and uniqueness.

Use the exclusive Germens Try-out Service before purchasing the online. Order a shirt or trousers in your usual size and you will get an additional size smaller and larger. This way you can optimally determine and try on your actual desired size. Here is the try-out service.