Extravagant casual shirts designed by artists

GERMENS re-invented the style quotient of casual shirts. With the classic or patterned shirt, we have little in common. The peculiarity lies in the nature of its origin. In Lausitz (Germany), high-quality shirts made of Egyptian cotton are jacquarded. Artists draw 1: 1 designer templates and interpret the casual shirt surfaces in their own personal way. There are forms and surfaces that are not there in any shirt in this world.

In Saxony, the fabrics are printed with the art templates and given a subsequent elaborate finishing. Everything happens by hand and with great attention to detail. Mother-of-pearl button and metal collar stiffener are standard equipment at GERMENS productions. On limited edition of 99 copies, the GERMENS shirts are not just an extravagant piece of clothing for leisure, holidays and parties, but also collectors items and possibly future value propositions.

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