Transparent production, fair conditions, short ways

The production of the GERMENS shirts takes place in Germany, Austria and Poland. Therefore, we have several logical reasons. At the beginning, we thought about the typical way of producing a shirt and we changed the way of production the way we needed it for our creative needs. This special way of producing needs the permanent control and proof for each single step to the finished product. This does only work with short ways for information and coordination.

The ecological factor as well as the possibility of the personal proof and the traceability of the process – from the raw material to the final product- and the adherence of the purity rules were important for our decision to establish in the middle European region.


Furthermore, it is important for us to keep the knowledge, save employments and to give attention to the identification with the product so the brand awareness is made notice of.


GERMENS organises and controls the whole way of producing, from the weaving mill to the packaging- to be close to the production and the people who give day by day their best to produce high-class clothing. We think it is important to watch quality but also to keep the rules for production..


Cotton from Egypt

The wonderful, silk as Jacquard woven fabrics are made out of longues cotton. This raw material cares for great processing basic and comfortable wearing properties.


Cotton from Egypt is only produced in small numbers (about 0, 5% of the World production). It is famous for its longues structure that is most significant for the anticrease properties. GERMENS shirts are not drip-dry according to chemical processes but they owe crease-resistant characters using this expensive and high of quality cotton.

>>> You will find extensive information here.


GERMENS is a licence holder of the >>> Bremer Baumwollbörse (Bremer Cotton exchange).


Saxon Cloth weaving mill

A cotton fabric that is optimized and especially developed for GERMENS is weaved in a weaving mill in Lausitz/ Saxon as its producing location. The speciality is the way of weaving. The Jacquard style of weaving, which is centuries old, gets now used with the newest weaving machines. GERMENS develops own patterns and so the surface of the fabric becomes unique.


The high number of warps and wefts gives the fabric a real soft haptic and it is very comfortable to wear. When producing and equipping the fabrics we only use procedures that are approved in Germany and that demands to the ecological rules..


Joseph Jacquard invented a special weaving machine in the 19th century. This machine made artful pattern possible. This old technic of weaving transmitted onto the most modern weaving machines gives each GERMENS shirt its exclusivity.


Textile printing

The GERMENS shirt is special due to the use of extra produced cotton-fabrics and their special surfaces. For the textile printing, many tests were performed to reach the best repetition quality of the lavish design-template. The fabric goes through many levels of development – before and after the modern Inkjet Print.


In the textile printing company exclusive print parameters have been set up for the GERMENS-fabrics. It is a great challenge to reproduce file models the way that they reach the keeping of the colour, the detail constancy, a deep black etc. and the way the designers and artists imagine it.


After the lavish textile printing other important refining processes take place. Those procedures give the fabric its stability, the keeping of the colour and the comfortable way of wearing it.



The lavish manufacture of the GERMENS shirts is realised by a company in Poland, which is a traditional one. Since many decades, the employers produce only shirts for men and blouses for women. The employers have not only a high technical know- how but also the experience and the dexterity which is needed and which guarantees finest quality.


A GERMENS manufactured detail is the patent right protected collar scar. This cut is unique and can only be found with GERMENS.

The sleeves are normally bordered with a shoulder seam and inside provided with a reinforcement seam (DAS WORT PASPELLIERBAND lässt sich nicht direct übersetzen) (made out of an obliquely cut GERMENS fabric) this lets the shirt look sophisticated. Creases and ripples are avoided that way. A French seam (right-left seam) connects the front and the backside to each other.


There are two kinds of cuffs: one is especially developed by GERMENS and it is the protected obliquely cuff (sports cuff) and the classical double cuff.