GERMENS-shirt product details

GERMENS stand for a high detailtrust and a quality that is thought about. Our imagination of a top class product has needed more then a three years time to get developed and optimized.

The whole production circle of one shirt includes many single works. Each needs to be thought of very carefully and all need to be coordinated with each other in an optimal way. Those single work steps include the purchase of the thread , the weaving of the fabrics, the textile print and the textile refining as well as the lavish manufacture up to the packaging. More than 60 producers, service partners and suppliers work on getting an exclusive GERMENS shirt. It is important to find high class material and to win the most innovative companies to offer an uncommon product which needs to find its partner.


Jacquard cotton fabrics

GERMENS ordered to weave a special developed fabric, which is fine and made of longues Egypt cotton in the Lausitz/ Saxon. The special optic of the surface is the way it is because of a very old jacquard weaving technique. Newest weaving machines can weave in patterns that are lavish and look very fine afterwards. Such fabrics can`t be found anywhere else in the world and it is used only by GERMENS.


Signature by hand and numbering in the inside passage

In each GERMENS shirt, you can find the name of the shirt and the following up number. A novelty is the signature by hand of the designer or artist who did think of and draw the surface design.


GERMENS collar scar

A recognising character is the collar scar, which is protected by patent law. This cut in the collar is unique and can only be found by GERMENS..


Inclined cuffs

The especially by GERMENS developed inclined cuff looks very modern. It gives the shirt an individual exclusiveness. The cuffs are often colourful deducted inside and can be turned.

Double cuffs

The classical double cuffs (also named French cuff or turn around cuff) is a detail that is responsible for the style. It gives a special mark to each GERMENS shirt. Shirts with this turn around cuff are delivered with the cuff buttons "GER".


GER-Cuff button

GERMENS shirts with a double cuff are delivered inclusive the silver cuff buttons "GER".

Shoulder seam

A shoulder seam normally puts up the sleeves and inside they are equipped with a seam reinforcement (made off obliquely cut GERMENS fabric). This gives the shirt a high-class optic. Creases and ripples are avoided that way. The front- and backside are connected through a French seam (right-left seam).

Tight seams

GERMENS lets a special and extra-developed fabric be made out of longues Egypt cotton in the Lausitz/Saxon. The special surface optic happens due to the use of a centuries old Jacquard weaving technique. Newest waving machines can weave lavish and trendy patterns in the finest optic. Such fabrics can`t be found anywhere else in the world and they are only used by GERMENS.


Care instructions und QR-Code

The soft weaving label with the care instructions is to be found in the inside of the button border close to the seam. Furthermore there is the QR code weaved in which leads you either to the mobile Website or presents videos that tell you how a shirt was designed.

Nacre buttons

Most GERMENS shirts have the original nacre buttons stitched with a cross stitch and a shaft. This makes sure that they will stay there for a long time and it makes the buttoning on and unbuttoning very comfortable –without folding`s or suspense's in the button border. If black or colourful buttons are stitched into, then those will fit to the design.

Metal collar stiffeners

The speciality of a GERMENS shirt are the placed prints. For each size there is an Inkjet Print developed for the cotton. This makes sure that the surface design passings are totally fitting for example on the front side of the shirt. This lavish procedure is a speciality of the GERMENS shirts and it makes those fancy designs on each of the many unique shirts possible.

Surface designs

There are many quality details GERMENS is known for but special is the fact that only surfaces are used which have been made through the different handwritings of artists and designers. Therefore, each shirt becomes a unique product. Each shirt has a development history and many are told via photos or videos. The fabric designs are there.


Spotted Prints

The exclusive spotted prints make the GERMENS shirt so special. For each size there is a different Inkjet Print developed for the cotton fabric. This guarantees an accurately fitting passage of the surface designs as for example on the front side of the shirt. This procedure is complex and it is exclusive to the GERMENS shirts and makes it possible to have the fancy designs on each of the many unique shirts.

Black box

Every GERMENS shirt is to be found in a luxury box. The surface is painted with two different ways of varnish and embossed with the GER- symbol 3D.

Luxury cartridge

If you want to give a GERMENS shirt to someone as a present then you can also order a luxury cartridge. The special thing is that these boxes are produced especially for GERMENS and made with hidden magnets, a detachable case for the cuff buttons and the metal stiffeners in three different metallic surfaces. Here you can order this luxury cartridge.