Germens Silk-Cotton Scarf No. 022 - Toledo - 200 x 70 cm

This very light GERMENS scarf No. 022 is about 72 x 200 cm in size and made of a mixture of cotton and silk. An artistic drawing with blue and reddish details give this scarf an interesting, color-coordinated aesthetic looks. The scarf can be knotted differently and is a fashionable accessory for ladies and gentlemen. The fabric feels light and soft that has a very comfortable feel on the skin.

The GERMENS scarves made from 70% silk and 30% cotton combine Italian elegance with extraordinary and very colorful artistic motifs. Finest fabrics are printed exclusively in Italy with the GERMENS designs. The color intensity of the front and back is exceptionally intense and nearly identical on both sides. A roll seam surrounds the scarf. The luxury scarves are manufactured in Italy on Lake Como. Please clean the cloth with hand wash or put it in a specialized textile cleaning. Protect the scarf from rain and damage e.g. Through the zipper on a jacket or neck jewelery.
Designed and drawn by artist Gregor-T. Kozik .


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