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CRE Collection shirts with placed prints

The CRE Collection offers a hand-picked selection of shirts made from the finest 100% cotton. Each piece is unique, created by GERMENS and includes an impressive variety of over 130 different models. The shirts are limited to only 99 pieces and will be delivered within a few days, subject to availability. If your desired shirt is not in stock in your size, it will be specially made for you. With 10 different sizes, everyone will find the perfect fit. The price for a shirt from the CRE Collection is € 198. Treat yourself to an exclusive shirt that impresses with its outstanding quality and unique design.

Shirts from the CRE Collection give you an individual style

The shirts from the CRE Collection are more than just clothing - they are a statement. With their unique design and high-quality materials, they give every outfit an individual touch and emphasize personal style. Whether in the office, on a date or at a party - with a shirt from the CRE Collection, you will always make a good impression and leave a lasting impression. Treat yourself to the special feeling of standing out from the crowd and show the world who you really are. With the shirts from the CRE Collection, you make a statement and make your look unmistakable.

Each design is always available in every size

GERMENS offers you an exclusive selection of shirt designs that you won't find anywhere else. Shirts that are in stock will be shipped to you within a few days. If we don't have a specific size of your desired model in stock, you can still order your dream shirt. Because we produce each shirt individually for you. This means that every design is always available, even if it takes a few weeks to get to you. But the exceptional quality of our shirts will impress you even more. With a GERMENS shirt, you will be in the spotlight at every occasion and feel comfortable all around.

Made in Saxony: 100% highest quality cotton

Our fabrics are silky soft and feel comfortable on the skin all year round. The colors are vibrant, and care is easy. Our shirts are perfect for everyday wear. We print and refine our fabrics in Saxony according to strict guidelines to ensure that you always receive a high-quality product with excellent wearing properties.

GERMENS online shop - the shirt supermarket

Discover the exclusive shirts of the CRE Collection in the virtual department store now for a price of € 198 and secure a unique garment that you won't find in any traditional store. The collection is aimed at men who want to stand out from the crowd and express their individual style. Whether in a business environment or in leisure time - with a shirt from the CRE Collection, you always make a statement and remain sustainably in memory.

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