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Shirts with continuous patterns from the RAP Collection.

Discover shirts with subtle yet unique patterns in the RAP Collection by GERMENS. These exclusive designs give a modern aesthetic to any outfit and are made from high-quality cotton fabrics that are comfortable to wear and easy to care for. The colors are vibrant and create an unmistakable look. With 10 different sizes from XS to 6XL, there is a size to fit every man, and if available, your shirt will be delivered within a few days.

Each design is always available in every size

At GERMENS, you will find a unique variety of shirt designs that are unparalleled. Even if not every size of every design is always in stock, you can still order your desired shirt. We produce each shirt individually for you. This means that every design is always available, even if it takes a few weeks to get it in your hands. However, the exceptional quality of our shirts will impress you even more. With a GERMENS shirt, you will stand out at every occasion and feel comfortable all around.

Shirts from the RAP Collection give you an individual style

Here in our online shop, you can order shirts from the RAP Collection for €148 and look forward to a unique garment that you won't find on every corner. This collection is made for men who like to stand out and create their own style. Whether in the office or in leisure time - with a shirt from the RAP Collection, you will always make a good impression and leave a lasting impression. The designs are inspired by modern art and streetwear elements, making them particularly versatile. For example, combine your new shirt with casual jeans or wear it to occasions like weddings or business appointments under a jacket.

Sustainability has been part of the program for many years

At GERMENS, we place great emphasis on quality and sustainability. That is why we produce our garments exclusively in Germany and Poland and use only materials that are ecologically safe. The production of shirts on demand, when they are not in stock, ensures that only what is actually needed is produced. This is an effective approach to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste. Tailor-made production also achieves higher customer satisfaction because the shirts are perfectly tailored to individual needs and desires. In addition, this method contributes to environmental protection, as fewer resources are consumed and thus the ecological footprint is reduced. Overall, production on demand is a sustainable and customer-oriented solution that is both economically and ecologically meaningful. By purchasing a shirt from the RAP Collection, you are not only supporting your individual style but also a sustainable concept.

Order your favorite shirt from the RAP Collection now at GERMENS! We look forward to delivering a special garment that reflects your personality!

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