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Colourful trousers bring variety and good humour into everyday life!

Colourful trousers are an absolute eye-catcher and simply put you in a good mood. If you are looking for colourful trousers, then take a look at the GERMENS® online shop. Here you will find a large selection of fabric trousers with eye-catching patterns. Whether for women or men, colourful trousers can be combined well with plain-coloured tops and really come into their own. Finally, the trousers are in the foreground and not always just the extravagant tops. No matter whether you prefer plain-coloured trousers or patterned surfaces: the colourful trousers will stimulate your imagination and go great with plain-coloured tops or the colourful GERMENS® shirts.

Colourful trousers from GERMENS® are the absolute eye-catcher

The colourful trousers from GERMENS® are strikingly patterned and can be ordered with a variety of designs. These colourful trousers can be super combined with plain-coloured T-shirts or shirts.

The plain coloured men's trousers from GERMENS® come in many trendy colours. They are great to combine with the brand's colourful shirts to create new looks time and time again. The trouser colours are chosen to match a variety of different shirts. The trend with the colourful trousers in combination with the eye-catching shirts is absolutely trendy and makes you an absolute eye-catcher at every event, on holiday or in everyday life!

The colourful GERMENS® trousers are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. This makes the fabrics stretch a little and increases the wearing comfort. The cut is normal and fits most men. Small changes can be made later, such as shortening the leg length.

Colourful trousers fitting service for new customers

We offer a try-on service for new customers. Here you order the size you want, e.g. an L, and receive 2 additional sizes, e.g. the M and the XL. This way you can try on the trousers comfortably at home. Once you have found the perfect size, you can order any colourful trousers from the GERMENS® online shop. If they are in stock, they will be sent to you within a few days. If the coloured trousers are not in stock, they will be custom-made for you. This takes a few weeks, but you get a unique look that only very few people can have. The colourful trousers are offered in 6 sizes. The care of the fabrics is easy and comparable to the care of trousers from other suppliers.