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The artist Horst Rettig from Worms used a very special ink technique for drawing this world angel, which decorates this extraordinary shirt on the chest and back. The inks are based on an old technique, which Horst Rettig has rediscovered and which even Victor-Marie Hugo (1802-1885), a french writer used in his drawings. It is added to a secret addition of Chinese ink and has the so-called flocculation of the same as end result. By demonstrating the almost same technique there is a parallel between these two artists.

Horst Rettig: We live in a world which is constantly changing and where we are looking for consistency and authenticity. The figure world angel is symbolic of people who like to take a guard or a guardian on other responsibilities because of an inner attitude, professional position or social position. The worldangel is the modern and human equivalent of the traditional guardian angel and reminds us that everyone of us can be an angel.


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