MOOS - men´s long sleeve casual shirts - GERMENS

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MOOS - men´s long sleeve casual shirts - GERMENS


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MOOS - men´s long sleeve casual shirts - GERMENS

Once, there was a dark shirt with a mysterious aura. The surface of the fabric resembled the moss of a forest, adorned with many little dots. It was a shirt that told stories and drew eyes.

The MOOS unique shirt for men is crafted from 100% cotton and captivates with its distinctive surfaces designed by artists. It's a truly special shirt that consistently places the wearer at the center of attention.

In the summer, the MOOS shirt is the perfect choice, as its light and airy fabrics ensure comfortable wear. It pairs wonderfully with jeans and lightweight trousers, adding a stylish touch to any ensemble.

Whether on vacation, at events, parties, or family gatherings - the MOOS shirt always stands out. But it also looks great in everyday situations. The durable fabrics are easy to maintain and retain their vibrant colors even after numerous washes.

This shirt is exclusive and available only in limited quantities, ensuring that you've probably never seen a shirt like MOOS before. It embodies individuality and style as a unique piece.

With its intriguing patterns and distinctive charisma, the MOOS shirt makes wrinkles hardly noticeable when ironed. It's a piece of clothing that makes the wearer shine, transporting him into a magical world.

  • 100 % cotton
  • Fabric made in Germany
  • Very good fit
  • 10 sizes from XS to 6XL - Sizetable
  • Subsequent changes can be made to the fit - Modification-service
  • Shirts of the CRE-Collection are designed by GERMENS.
  • 99 pieces limited
  • We strongly recommend that new customers use Try on service for home - 3 sizes can be tried on at home.
  • Every shirt design always has the same fit
  • Fabrics are very comfortable to wear, absolutely colourfast and easy to wash with colour detergent and iron hot - Care tips
  • Shirts in stock: delivery within a few days
  • Shirts not in stock: production and delivery about 8 to 12 weeks
  • MOOS (Mosses) - Article number: 008
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