VIAGGI COLORI - Colourful long sleeve shirt - GERMENS


VIAGGI COLORI - Colourful long sleeve shirt - GERMENS



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GERMENS® artfashion presents: The colorful shirt VIAGGI COLORI

Once lived an adventurous traveler named Francesco Papini, who embarked on an epic journey to discover the world and its varied colors. He was fascinated by the beauty and culture of the different places he visited.

Francesco Papini explored exotic markets offering lively spices in all the colors of the rainbow and wandered through emerald green jungles where the sunlight shimmered through the dense canopy of leaves. In the depths of the oceans, he discovered breathtaking coral reefs that shone in the most iridescent colors.

At every stop on his journey, Francesco collected colors and memories. He decided to call his collected colors and experiences "Viaggi Colori" - travels of colors. He painted his experiences in a diary and created a kaleidoscope of the colors and cultures of our world.

Francesco Papini taught people to appreciate the beauty of colors and the diversity of our Earth. His story still reminds us of the magic hidden in the colors of this world, and his color collection "Viaggi Colori" inspires people around the world.

Inspired by the colorful travels of Francesco Papini and his color collection "Viaggi Colori," GERMENS® artfashion presents the colorful shirt VIAGGI COLORI. This exceptional artist shirt captures the essence of the colors and cultures of the world and combines them in a unique, eye-catching design.

The colorful shirt VIAGGI COLORI is a versatile long-sleeved shirt made of the finest cotton that can be worn on numerous occasions, whether at a party, birthday celebration, vacation, or in the office. Its striking appearance draws attention and adds that certain something to any outfit.

The combination of lively colors and different patterns makes this shirt the perfect companion for colored, white, and black pants, as well as jeans. Made from a lightweight fabric of 100% cotton that is manufactured in Germany, the shirt promises the highest quality and comfort.

  • Fabric made in Germany
  • Very good fit
  • 10 sizes from XS to 6XL - Sizetable
  • Subsequent changes can be made to the fit - Modification-service
  • Shirts of the ART-Collection are designed by artists.
  • 99 pieces limited - with handwritten certificate
  • We strongly recommend that new customers use Try on service for home - 3 sizes can be tried on at home.
  • Every shirt design always has the same fit
  • Fabrics are very comfortable to wear, absolutely colourfast and easy to wash with colour detergent and iron hot - Care tips
  • Shirts in stock: delivery within a few days
  • Shirts not in stock: production and delivery about 8 to 12 weeks
  • The shirt was designed by the artist Arte di Silvio from Thuringia, Germany
  • VIAGGI COLORI - Article number: 275

Due to its elaborate production process and the loving craftsmanship that goes into each shirt, the bunte Hemd VIAGGI COLORI by GERMENS® artfashion is a bit more expensive. The fabrics are individually made for each shirt, highlighting the special charm and high quality of this fashion highlight. Let yourself be enchanted by the colors of the world and invest in this extraordinary work of art for your wardrobe.


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