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"Rumbums" is a colloquial expression that can have different meanings depending on the context. In general, "Rumbums" can mean:

- Restlessness or drifting around with no clear purpose or goal.
- Sexual activity or relationships that are non-committal and without deeper feelings.
- A person who is lazy or idle and does not take responsibility.

However, it is important to note that 'rumbums' is a colloquial term and can have different meanings and connotations in different regions or groups.

The GERMENS shirt Rumbums here, on the other hand, means living into the day with a certain serenity and laziness, allowing boredom and simply enjoying life as it comes, without a plan and with random events. In fact, the way one would like to spend a holiday, free from pressure, tension and too much expectation.

The artist Heinz W. Lotz from Darmstadt drew the pattern for this cheerful and not too serious shirt.

• GERMENS ART Collection
• Artist: Heinz W. Lotz
• 100 % cotton
• 99 limited - with certificate
• 10 sizes XS-6XL
• Made in Germany

Made to order - delivery time approx. 10-12 weeks


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